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When there is any function in our family, not only us but also our family members are very enthusiastic about their looks. Rinky’s Makeup Studio has the Best Family Makeup Artist in Surat who can meet the makeup needs of your family members.

Family is one of the most important aspects of an ideal Indian home. The Indian household comprises relatives, friends and friends of friends and neighbours. In fact, the family is such a major aspect of the rich Indian culture that the family functions and celebrations are a normal occurrence in any household. Our rich cultures involve calling over friends and families for various events; a house warming ceremony, the birth ceremony, the naming ceremony, the various Pujas which form the essential aspect of our tradition. For such events, the modern Indian girl needs to look apart. 

We have Professional Makeup Artists are well equipped with the perfect ‘Family’ Makeup which is just right for the family get-togethers and events. The trick lies in understanding that the Family makeup is not exactly a Party makeup or the Bridal makeup

My Family Makup Work:

Best Family Makeup Artist in Surat

The Family Makeup 

The Family Makeup Look is all about being able to complement the festivity which you are planning to attend. Be it a Puja, a Birthday celebration at home or a house-warming ceremony; your makeup should just be right. This makeup type includes a ‘soft and glowing’ look for the girls and ‘subtle-glam’ for the ladies. This includes the application of the right colours and shades which are in-sync with the rest of you. 

While the makeup needs not to be as loud as a Bridal look, however, it should also be able to stand out just the same. This includes coordinating the makeup with your outfit as well. The Indian outfits according to the celebration type has also evolved through the years. 

Now, with the age of fusion, there has also been a shift in the kind of makeup. The makeup today needs to be ‘just right’ and never ‘over the top’. As the costumes and the attire are generally elaborated in an Indian function, the Family makeup needs to be in the right manner so as to balance it. 

We at Best Family Makeup Artist in Surat understand the modern Indian girls who have to make the right impression when among her family members. This requires the perfect palate, which is traditional yet trendy. 

The Technique for the Family Makeup

Family Makeup is all about utilizing the right kind of techniques for the right kind of look. We have the best techniques and are also equipped with the best tools to get the right family makeup look. Our Professional Makeup Artists go out of the way to make sure that they are able to get the idea through, in order to make the client happy. 

As the Indian Family functions are never short ones, you do have a couple of hours in hand to attend and go about your rituals. For this, the makeup needs to stay in place and look fresh throughout. Our experts go through great lengths to sterilize the tools and equipment well in advance before your appointment. This is to set up the right kind of hygiene standards which is a trademark of our brand. The professionals at our end work tirelessly in order to be able to offer some of the best family-related advice and suggestions to the client. 

To Make it Last Longer

As the Indian festivities have no standard time, we understand your need to have fun and look good too. Keeping that in mind, the experts at Rinky’s Makeup Studio in Surat are trained with offering long-lasting makeup applications for you to enjoy an evening of uninterrupted fun. This is done through the right ‘spacing of time’ required for the applications. Our methods are updated and tested in order to offer the clients with a satisfying result at the end of the day. Rest assured when it comes to face the celebrations of eating and drinking, your makeup is going to stay longer than your celebrations. 

Also, we understand your engagements, so the makeup professionals at our end apply the right techniques which employ the least requirements for a ‘touch-up’. The Best Family Makeup Artist Rinky knows the required techniques which will ensure that your ‘cousin’ or your best friend will surely be ‘curious’ and jealous of you! 

We at Rinky’s Makeup Studio also understand your apprehensions, so we take a step ahead and allow you a ‘trail’ beforehand. This way you can get a clear picture of what your look is going to be like. Thus, giving you a better understanding of what to expect. We also welcome any form of suggestions and feedback through the sessions, so you are happy with the results at the end of the day.

The Final Look

It is going to be a great moment as you enter the room and have your entire family look at you with pure admiration. This is the time when you know you have got it right. We at Best Family Makeup Artist in Surat are determined to make you the talking poet at your family function and work hard to help you achieve that look. The all popular Family Makeup at Best Makeup Artist in Surat is all about creating the right kind of balance with the right kind of applications. The festivities are where you might get to meet a long distant relative or a cousin you want to ‘impress’. 

Well, we at Best Family Makeup Artist in Surat are going to help you do just that. We also will ensure that your overall styling is just on the mark. With the styling tips and tricks, you no longer need to worry about a drape falling apart or your look ending up ‘sloppy’. We ensure that every strand of your hair, every fold of your drape and every stroke of your makeup is just right. This will allow you to sing and dance and have a gala time when there is plenty in the room. 

We Indians know how to get loud, noisy and have a fabulous time when together. To help keep up the spirit, we will ensure that ‘your look’ is the last thing on your mind!

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