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Fashion makeup is all about the technique which is used for the Magazine shoots or the Runway Shoots. The main purpose of the Fashion Makeup is to draw attention to the clothing or an accessory which the model is wearing. We are Specialized in Fashion Makeup. Rinky is one of the Best Fashion Makeup Artist in Surat. We also deal with photoshoot makeup. 

In a way, the fashion makeup deals with complimenting or instead balancing the idea of the fashion that the model id representing. A fashion shoot could represent anything; from cosmetics, to food items, to gadgets, to a cause or a Brand. Rinky’s Makeup Studio is the Best Fashion Makeup Artist in Surat and is dedicated to ensuring you a fashion makeup look which will help you to make the most of the shoot or the runway. 

Fashion makeup is all about the techniques and the right kind of application. This basically includes ensuring you end up looking great and also relevant to the theme of the shoot. We are also experts in providing the portfolio makeup looks, as this could be the deal-maker for your career. We at Rinky’s Makeup Studio are all about knowing the latest trends in the fashion industry and utilizing this as a ‘template’ for the makeup. 

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Best Fashion Makeup Artist in Surat

The Consultation:

We wish to know all about what you have in mind. We at Rinky’s Makeup Studio have a separate consultation session where we spend time to get to know the client better. This gives us a better idea about what you have in mind and how we need to execute it. We also need to get a better idea about what might be the purpose of your look. We specialize in everything ranging from Fashion Shoot makeup, Runway Makeup, and Portfolio Makeup as well. This is essential as each of these makeup techniques are different from the other. 

We also specialize in the HD makeup, if and wherever it is required. The basic idea of the Fashion makeup is to be able to be ‘visible’. This includes enhancing the right kind of ‘expressions’ or to be able to draw the attention as you walk along the runway. Our Fashion makeup also includes the various aspects of the stage makeup. This involves a better understanding of the lights and the stage set up. The makeup needs to be in conjunction with these elements so as to offer the desired results. 

Likewise, if it is a fashion shoot, the makeup can be elaborate or crazy; depending upon the kind of requirement. However, we at Rinky’s Makeup Studio are dedicated towards ensuring that you get the look you have been set out for. Be it eccentric choices of colors or elaborate use of ‘props’ and accessories, at Rinky’s Makeup Studio you will be treated as per the requirement. 

The Skin:

The skin is the all-important feature of your face. It also determines how your makeup sets in after the application process. As each person is different from the other, so is their skin. We at Best Fashion Makeup Artist in Surat have an understanding of how to utilize skin-friendly products. This is essential as we do not want the client to suffer from any case of ‘skin distress’ after the application. Here, we get to ‘run’ our own test in order to determine your skin type and use the technique accordingly. All our products are dermatologically tested and are skin-friendly. At Rinky’s Makeup Studio You can be assured that you are at Best Makeup Artist Studio of Surat.


Rinky’s Makeup Studio is a brand which has been build upon the idea of ethics and professionalism. Here our team is a dedicated lot who thrives on the idea of ensuring proper time management. We derive our inspiration to make sure that every one of our makeup assignments is a work of art. We at Rinky’s Makeup Studio understand that each client is as unique as the next one and each makeup requirement is different from the other. 

At Rinky’s Makeup Studio you no longer have to worry about running late just because the makeup person could not arrive on time or had to encounter a similar excuse. We have the relevant backups and are completely prepared to serve under an emergency situation. There have been times when we have understood the ‘eccentricities’ of the fashion industry and have taken the required measures to offer the right services. We do not simply provide ‘makeup ‘ services but believe in making long-lasting relationships with each of our customers. Most of which love to come back, as such professionalism is a rare asset. 

Our team has a wonderful code of conduct and goes out of its way to make sure that the proper ‘arrangements’ are synchronized. Our team is well trained to adjust to the ‘nick of a time’ arrangements so that no amount of productive work is lost. As fashion shoots and shows are an epicentre of chaos, we pride in being able to deal with such conditions with the right professional attitude. 

The Final Look:

Each fashion makeup look is a masterpiece at Rinky’s Makeup Studio. As you allow our professional makeup artists to work our way into the look, you will be surprised with the kind of result at the end. The final look at the Rinky’s Makeup Studio is perfection, as we take all the directions and requirements into consideration. 

Our makeup art is fashion personified and we have undertaken various successful orders. Be it just a single model assignment or a group requirement, we do it all. Despite the ‘urgency’ of the situation which is most often the nature of the fashion shows and shoots, our work emerges a true winner. Ranging from the most ‘elegant’ to downright ‘outrageous’ works, we have it covered at all the right places.  Our makeup applications are so precise and professional that it truly stands at the test of time. The products and the brands are all tried and tested; so that they can withstand the harsh lights, long hours and plenty of action. The best part of the entire experience is to be able to offer the right kind of execution and relevant applications.

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