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Editorial makeup is one of the most sought after aspects of the fashion industry. Editorial shoot or photography is about bringing out the ‘story’ that a certain brand or the campaign wishes to showcase. The editorial makeup is not the regular fashion makeup, but the trends that are currently on the fashion magazines and the runway. Here we are the Best Editorial Makeup Artist in Surat.

We at Rinky’s Makeup Studio understand the professionalism which is required to get the perfect editorial look out there. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that the perfect interpretation of the idea and the vision of the creativity is displayed through the makeup. 

As the editorials are all about advertisements and campaigns, it is essential for us as a professional makeup team to be able to highlight the brand as required. We know the value of the editorial makeup in the fashion industry and are equipped with the right knowledge and techniques which are needed for the editorial makeup requirement.

Editorial makeup at Rinky’s Makeup Studio is all about making sure that the proper interpretation of the fashion is achieved so that we are known as one of the Best Editorial Makeup Artist in Surat This image is the final ‘look’ which represents the campaign, the brand or the advertisement. We at Rinky’s Makeup Studio understand the importance of the right makeup look so as to be able to be in coordination with the concept, the photographer, and the art director. 

My Editorial Makeup Work

Best Editorial Makeup Artist in Surat

The Editorial Makeup :

The focal point of the editorial is the face. It needs to be flawless and in order to achieve this kind of look, we at Rinky’s Makeup Studio are well-trained. The entire editorial makeup is all about a story in still or a motion caught in time. There is so much going on and yet it is required to ‘freeze’ the entire idea through one look at a time. The editorials can be about just a single look or a transcending look together. 

The other most important aspect of the editorial makeup is the fineness in the art of contouring. This involves improvising the overall bone structure, in order to offer the right dimension. This is done through using the techniques to improve the definition of the cheekbones, make the nose look thinner, altering the forehead size according to the requirement. It is also a part of the editorial makeup application to enhance the overall glow of the face. 

We at Rinky’s Makeup Studio are trained to use the right kind of application techniques which will help to bring out or enhance the color of the eyes. Our team of trained professional makeup artists knows the exact skills and techniques which are required for the right editorial effect. We understand the kind of techniques which require highlighting in the right kind of areas and the shadows at the right places. 

The Skin:

Editorial makeup is all about the flawless skin. We at Rinky’s Makeup Studio are equipped with the right kind of techniques and knowledge to understand the correct application methods which offer a clear skin look. This has to be done by reducing the appearance of blemishes and clearing out the imperfections. This is essentially done through the process of understanding the skin type of the client. This is further understood by the right application of the relevant products and brands according to skin type and conditions. 

Our trained professionals understand the requirements of the editorial photographs in order to display a clear and glowing face. Our skilled professionals understand the dimensions of the face and how to make it look at its best. 

Our Professionalism:

The team of experts at Rinky’s Makeup Studio understands the importance of professionalism at our work front. We understand the fact that a good professional makeup technique in an editorial shoot ensures no or minimum requirement of any post-editing process. We at Rinky’s Makeup Studio ensure that the final result of the editorial makeup is considered a success if it does not require any form of retouching time and again. 

We know how to use the appropriate products in order to achieve the right look and the perfect complexion. We as an established brand have sound knowledge about the latest trends and how the trends travel from the runways to the magazine covers. 

Our trained professionals realize the various techniques of depicting the editorial styles to offer an insight into the upcoming trends. Our makeup expert knows what is to be expected out of a certain idea and how to curate the final look. The main idea is to be able to maintain the delicateness of the features of the models while applying the required ideas. 

The Final look:

Our final results speak for themselves. With a trail of some of the most successful work done for the editorial shoots, Rinky’s Makeup Studio has established itself to the brand value that it is today. The final editorial look should be able to depict clearly the story that lies within. 

We also understand the fine difference between the ‘Classic pretty look’ and the ‘Avant-grand’ look. As per instruction, we do realize how to evoke a feeling of happiness or melancholy in the viewers. The professional makeup artists at Rinky’s Makeup Studio know the difference between the Fashion editorial, the beauty editorial, and the hair editorial. But the basis of the editorial makeup is most often related to all three aspects of the editorial branches. 

The importance of the makeup in the editorial photoshoot is to be able to reflect the atmosphere, the surroundings, and the nature of the setup. The success of the final look is to be able to make the reality convincing enough for the brand to be able to sell. The importance of understanding the difference between all three editorials is to our specialty at the Best Editorial Makeup Artist in Surat Studio. 

Our team of professionals clearly understand the viewpoint of the photographer and know how to read the cues of the director. We work in fine precision to bring about the imagination to reality. Our team knows how to balance the makeup according to the genre of the editorial.

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