25 Bridal Makeup Tips from a Professional Makeup Artist

Rinky Modi, the owner of Rinky’s Makeup Studio & Academy, wants to share some amazing Bridal Makeup tips for you that you need to know about your wedding day.

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These are some amazing Bridal Makeup tips that can be useful for your wedding day.

Tip number 1: Take Care of Your Skin before your D- Day

Take Care of Your Skin before your D- Day

Do not put any extraordinary items on your skin, hair and face a few days before your wedding. Don’t apply any facemask and facial before the night of the wedding which will absorb the moisture of your skin and makeup will not be seen on the wedding day. You should also take care of your eyebrows. Waxing which can make your skin red and puffy, so plan it all a few days before the wedding so that you do not have to face any problems on your big day.

Tip number 2: keep cleansing your face

keep cleansing your face

Indian brides love bold and bright makeup, so cleansing your skin properly to keep your makeup long-lasting. Cleansing your face by washing and drying it to make sure that there are no dirt or oil on the skin.

Tip number 3: Effect of nature

Effect of nature

The environment plays an important role so it is important to consider the type of make-up you are planning before choosing a make-up.

Tip number 4: Mood and Lights

Mood and Lights

You can also think about the lights in your mind, too glimmer makeup can be disastrous for you in yellow coloured lights, while you can go a little extra with white lights.

Tip number 5: Dream theme Wedding

Dream theme Wedding

In the wedding theme, You should also consider about your theme, while choosing a makeup package your theme should match the shades of your makeup.

Tip number 6: Choose best makeup artist

Choose best makeup artist

It is always suggested to choose a makeup artist for the wedding. So, you can check their attainability in advance. You can also check the availability of Rinky’s Makeup Studio Here.

Tip number 7: How to hire 

How to hire Bridal makeup artist

It is important that you know your makeup artist and does entire research on her work. Ask for pictures of her work before choosing her, and see if they can give you a trial before the wedding day. 

Tip number 8: Creative Makeup Artist

Creative Makeup Artist

Always keep a snap of your dream look, show the picture of your dream look to your makeup artist and also keep other snaps that look like your dream look.

Tip number 9: Time Management

Time Management

Don’t underestimate bridal makeup, it may take hours to complete the final touch. So you have to manage your day accordingly. Most of the brides start getting ready in the morning so that they get ready before the occasion.

Tip number 10: Treat your skin well

Treat your skin well

There is a special treatment for bridal makeup that gives the bride a dream look for her D-day.

Tip number 11: Testing Important

Testing Important

You should try the makeup products before your special day so that you do not face any allergy problem on your D-Day.

Tip number 12: Beauty Sleep

Beauty Sleep

Beauty sleep is best for your skin. Nothing helps better than that. A good night’s sleep shows up on your skin immediately. Ensure glowing skin and take good care of it

Tip number 13: What you eat

What you eat

Healthy eating not only keeps your body healthy but also your skin. Healthy foods are not only good for glowing skin but they also protect your skin against bacteria.

Tip number 14: The Skin and Sun

The Skin and Sun

One thing the bride should remember is that she should avoid going out in the sun or apply sunscreen for best results before a week of D-Day.

Tip Number 15: Day wedding or Night Wedding

Day wedding or Night Wedding

If you are planning a day wedding then you must invest in a good sunscreen. If you are planning a night wedding then you can avoid sunscreen as it can mess up with your makeup shade.

Tip number 16: Cleansing


Cleansing is essential for fresh skin, and you should never sleep before doing a face wash.

Tip number 17: Toning


Toners are important after cleansing, they reduce pores that are wider open after cleansing. It will also get rid of excess oil due to open pores.

Tip number 18: Moisturising 


It has a good effect on your face and also reduces the effect of your ageing. It will also help to get rid of any lines around your eyes.

Tip number  19: Primer Importance

Primer Importance

The primer comes first when you start with bridal makeup. A light primer is a foundation that makes your bridal makeup long-lasting.

Tip number 20: Liner


The liner is the final addition that gives you a glamorous look and it gives final definition to your bridal makeup.

Tip number 21: Lipstick


Choose a creamy lipstick that will last longer than choosing a matt. To be on point of view picture-perfect snap, you would want at least your lipstick.

Tip number 22: Hairstyling


Bridal hairstyles are complicated. In a rehearsal of bridal makeup, you should also try the bridal hairstyle that you have suggested. If you are happy with your final look then should finalize.

Tip number 23: Stay oil-free

Stay oil-free

You Must keep Oil-absorbing sheets in your purse.No one like shiny forehead.

Tip number 24: Touch up

Touch up

Bridal makeup doesn’t end here. Here you have to be ready for a touch-up, you have to keep the same shade of lipstick in your purse.

Tip number 25: Final Pro Tip

Bride , bridal makeup

The attention of everyone around you is focused on you, so it is not advisable to be simple in front of the cameras and the people around you on your D-Day. So go and be photogenic and add a little bit extra to your Weddings snaps.

I hope you all like this Bridal Makeup tips. You can make your D-Day memorable by following all these Bridal Makeup tips from a Professional Makeup Artist.

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