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About Us

Makeup Artist in Surat- Rinky’s Makeup Studio and Academy

Rinky’s Makeup Studio is a well renowned Professional Makeup Artist in Surat. The platform has a dedicated team of professionals guided by Rinky Modi, who is also a Famous Bridal Makeup Artist in Surat. With years of expertise, they have performed a number of Bridal Makeups and Fashionable Makeups for their clients. For their creative and proficient makeup services, they have gained a cult figure all across Surat. They have makeover expertise in multiple skin types and faces and make sure to provide supreme quality bridal makeup, as well as other makeup looks.

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Rinky’s Makeup Studio and Academy is a Best Makeup Artist in Surat. Here, the staff is so friendly that you fall in love with each one of them. They take time to understand your requirements and are patient with your needs. In fact, I was surprised that they simply did not give up until I was satisfied. They made me feel like a queen for a day!They made my day memorable with their Best Brial Makeup Service.

Arpita Shah

If you wish to experience professionalism, you must visit Rinky’s Makeup Studio Academy the Best Makeup Artist in Surat. I was quite surprised by their attention to details and how well they treated me. Making an appointment was so simple and I was greeted by a friendly voice on the other end. They also let me know in detail about the basic formalities and also spoke to me about the offers available. It is a must-visit.

Hinaxi Modi

I was amazed by the final look. I never realized that I could be made to look so pretty! It was my Bridal package and I was so scared. Not only did they made sure that I looked great but they also went out of their way to help me relax and made me feel special. The team behaved like an extended family where each one was concerned about my final look. Rinky’s Makeup Studio and Academy is the Best Bridal Makeup Artist in Surat.

Jyoti Tolat

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Best Makeup Artist in Surat – Rinky’s Makeup Studio

Why Choos us?

Makeup should not be made-up’. This is the mantra I work by when attending to the glamour needs of my clients. Rinky’s Makeup Studio, the Best Makeup Artist in Surat believes in a different way like makeup is an art that needs to be treated with consideration and as a professional makeup artist, it is my ultimate goal to offer the best possible ‘version’ of yourself. With utmost care taken to utilize the best techniques, products, and brands, the results speak for themselves.  Makeup is like a complement of your inner beauty which is very much essential for a woman on some special day of their life.  

As every woman is beautiful and every client is special, we cater to each one of them exclusively. Being one of The Best Bridal Makeup Artist in Surat, it has been a wonderful journey so far and the experience has been rewarding. As celebrations are a vital part of our culture and society, it is required for us to ‘appear’ accordingly. Every occasion is different from others and just as special.

Best Makeup Service in Surat

We at Rinky’s Makeup Studio are driven towards updating our techniques and skills with time. With the ever-growing makeup industry, there are new introductions and innovations. Some of the looks are simply trends and some are evergreen classics. Our team ensures that while you are in-sync with the current trends, you still manage to stand out. This is done by updating our techniques, training our professionals, and ensuring that we remain much ahead of our times. However, the best aspect of our services lies in our abilities to ‘get into the skin of the look’ and make it exclusively yours.

Women out there, does any of you feel alright without makeup? In Rinky’s Makeup Studio’s opinion, you should feel deficient when venturing out from home without washing your face or brushing your hair. “Since makeup is a path for any lady to closely resemble herself; just progressively lovely and sure”. We believe that makeup is an important requirement of every woman out there, and we, Rinky’s Makeup Studio, the Best and Affordable Bridal Makeup Artist in Surat is always ready for our customers. 

Professional Makeup Artist in Surat

Rinky’s Makeup Studio is a certified professional makeup artist. We are working in this industry for a very long time. Rinky’s Makeup Studio is available for bridal, engagements, special events, party makeup, family makeup, commercial and editorial makeup, glamour makeup, fashions makeup, and much more.

Rinky’s Makeup Studio believes from the core of heart, that we can be a part of the bride’s special day and can make the bride beautiful. We always show gratitude and friendly behavior toward our customers. While fixing an appointment with our customers, we listen to their needs and requirements with huge patience. We always give our 100 percent hard work to get 100 percent satisfaction from our clients. For us, our main priority is to make the client satisfy and to gain their trust with our pro-level makeup work. 

Affordable Makeup Artist in Surat

When it comes to makeup, we have an exceptional and unique style. We give our best as a makeup artist and hope brides feel beautiful and confident themselves. Rinky’s Makeup Studio a professional name to be reckoned with in the fields of Hair and Makeup. Rinky’s Makeup Studio is the Best Bridal Makeup Artist in Surat and our team has been servicing thousands of clients every year. We know the use of innovative techniques and skin-friendly products is a part of her makeup procedure. 

Why we are the Best Makeup Artist in Surat?

We are very passionate about our work and believe in perfection at all costs. We are the Best Makeup Artist in Surat. We are very punctual also. We use branded and quality makeup products, which will not be harmful to the skin. The makeup products brands we prefer the most are Dior, MAC makeup, L’Oréal, Bobbi Brown, Maybelline, and Faces Canada. These brand makeup products give the best quality and flawless makeup look.

We also provide All types of Basic to Advance Makeup Artist Course.

Know more about Makeup Artist Course Fees visit here or Contact us on below given number.